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6 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Employee morale is a struggle everywhere right now. Inflation is high. Wages can’t keep up and still allow businesses to stay in business. Everyone feels like they’re running as fast as they can on their hamster wheel, but no one seems to be making forward movement.  Obviously, as a small business owner you want to be a place employees enjoy working. You want to reward them for their efforts and keep them engaged. You want to avoid dreaded turnover. You want to attract quality people who will contribute to your growth. What’s a company to do?  How to Improve Employee Morale In a perfect world we could just give all of our employees a 15% raise, reduce their working hours, and allow them super flexible schedules.  Unfortunately, our world is not perfect and we have bottom lines we need to maintain in order to pay our own bills. It simply

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Why Breaks at Work Are Vital

Taking breaks at work is vital to employee well-being (win for them!) as well as employee productivity (win for you!).  As business owners, you likely find yourself in burnout mode quite often. There’s so much to do, every day, every week, every month. Taking a break is time that’s not spent productively, so it’s easy to feel guilty about taking them. Breaks are for weekends or evenings, or for when you’re dead. Breaks at work will just set you further behind, right? Ain’t no one got time for that.  Wrong! Benefit of Employee Breaks at Work Taking a break at work improves focus upon return to work, thus improving productivity. Plus, taking breaks relieves stress, which improves your employee’s mental health and overall wellbeing. Study after study has been done showing that frequent and reliable breaks at work contribute to increased job satisfaction. Employees who are satisfied with their job

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Why You Need Both NFC Cards and Traditional Business Cards

Near-field communication cards, or NFC cards, are a hot new wave for business marketing.  Using these cards, you can upload your contact information directly to a contact’s phone. The benefits of NFC business cards are almost infinite, which makes them a no-brainer for most business owners. But there are times that a traditional business card is still beneficial!  Direct vs. Relationship Marketing To understand the differences between NFC cards and traditional business cards, you must first understand the different types of marketing. Relationship marketing is a strategy of management and marketing that focuses heavily on customer experience, including retention, and satisfaction. Treating a client to lunch while delivering your pitch would fall into the relationship marketing category. You’re not necessarily making a sale right now, but you’re building a relationship with the person you’re talking to. Eventually, they’ll hopefully come to know, like, and trust you down the line.  Lifetime

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Pros and Cons of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps can be an investment that pays off when small businesses use them as a marketing tool.  Vehicle wraps can be great for small businesses such as local restaurants, plumbers, electricians, and landscapers. They’re also used by delivery and transportation companies such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Easily identifiable vehicles make their services stand out against other cars on the road. You’ve likely also seen them on service companies such as pest control, HVAC, or plumbing!  However, many are surprised to learn they work well for non-profit organizations as well! Charities and community organizations need visibility in order to operate. A vehicle wrap is an effective way to raise awareness to their cause and can promote their events.  That being said, there are pros and cons to investing in a wrap, which we’ll get into. But first, it’s important to understand what we mean by “vehicle wrap” because they’re

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