About Us

Our Origin Story

Meet the team behind polarity design co

In 2019, Trent and Dianna Jensen started Polarity Design Co with a shared vision: to blend expertise and creativity into captivating designs. Now, our tight-knit team in Southern Utah, led by this dynamic husband-and-wife duo, brings that vision to life for businesses like yours.

We’re not just about delivering projects; we’re about crafting experiences that reflect your unique brand identity. Whether it’s creating a custom website or producing high-quality print materials, we’re here to elevate your brand, showcase your authenticity, and build connection and trust with your audience. With a focus on collaboration and a passion for innovation, we’re committed to surpassing your expectations every step of the way.

At Polarity Design Co, we're more than just designers—we're partners in your journey towards success.

Our Mission

revolutionizing the way business owners connect with their audience through cutting-edge creativity and digital innovation.

What we stand for

Our 6 Core Values


We are dedicated to supporting our local communities and giving back through donations and volunteering so that we can create a better and brighter future for ourselves and those around us. Together, we can unite our efforts to create a vibrant and flourishing community where every individual can unlock their full potential and make their dreams a reality.


We are committed to ensuring that our words and behavior always reflect a high level of dedication to the long-term profitability of our organization. We understand that profitability enables us to enhance our customer experience, provide better growth opportunities to our employees, and contribute to our local communities through charitable efforts that positively impact our society beyond our day-to-day operations.


We are striving to make a positive impact as a company, community members, environmental stewards, and value creators. We understand that adopting a sustainable approach in our thinking and actions will enable our Team to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact on the planet and our community.


We are dedicated to maintaining clear and honest communication with our colleagues, customers, and vendors at all times. We are receptive to constructive feedback and seek to create a safe and trustworthy working environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions openly.


We are proud brand advocates of Polarity Design Co. We are committed to upholding and fulfilling Our Purpose, Our Mission, and Our 6 Core Values at all times. We firmly believe in the quality of our products and services, and we are confident that they inspire and make a positive difference in the lives of our customers. We aim to consistently produce high-quality work that exceeds expectations and collaborate effectively with our Team to support the trustworthy reputation and success of Polarity Design Co.


We are willing to openly communicate our thoughts, feelings, challenges, and weaknesses with our Team. We will create a safe and kind environment where our Team feels appreciated, acknowledged, and accepted without judgment at all times. We understand that sharing our vulnerabilities is essential to building trust and fostering collaboration. We are committed to speaking the truth, advocating for others, and avoiding internal politics to ensure our Team remains invested in each other’s success.

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