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How to Build Brand Trust Every Day

These are tips you can do daily to build brand trust in your company, regardless of size. In today’s market, it’s not enough to just have a good product – today’s consumer wants to support brands they believe in. You need to invest in your brand so people know, trust, and like you and therefore want to support you. Anyone can utilize these 5 simple tips to keep you top of mind as a trustworthy company that people love and want to support – AND they’re totally free of cost.  Tip 1: Transparency Builds Brand Trust Be honest and transparent about your products and services, business practices, and especially your pricing. Customers appreciate transparency. It helps build trust when you’re not advertising a product for $499, but the actual total at check out is $699 (or, possibly worse, comes with a catch).  When a customer knows exactly what to expect

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When Is It Time to Hire an In-House Designer

When is it time to hire an in-house designer? We recently did a blog post on why it’s oftentimes cheaper to hire a third-party design company.  However, that isn’t the right option for every company for every occasion. There’s a reason why many large companies have their own designer within an entire marketing department. So when is it applicable for a company to hire an in-house designer? In-House Designer Requirements The biggest requirement to hiring an in-house designer is – unsurprisingly – having enough work to keep them busy. Even if you’re only hiring a part-time in-house designer, you need at least 20 hours a week of work. In today’s competitive market, it’s hard to find educated and experienced designers willing to work less than that. Life is expensive and they need to be able to pay their bills. The unfortunate truth is that any less than 20 hours a

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5 Website Tips to Generate Brand Trust

These 5 website tips will help you generate trust in your brand, no matter your industry. The truth is, people shop from brands, and having great products or services isn’t enough anymore. In a world full of social media, long memories, and brand activists, the art is seldom separated from the artist any more – for better or for worse.  And you know what? That’s actually fine. Your brand has something to say, and it’s something that resonates with other people, we promise. These website tips will help you find those people and generate trust in your brand so that they know, like, and trust you – which ultimately leads to sales and conversions.  5 Website Tips These simple website tips are easy to implement yourself or request from your designer. Even so, they’re surprisingly overlooked by many businesses of all sizes!  This article was originally a social media post,

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