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Why Great Website Design Doesn’t Include Flashy Animations and Effects

Great website design used to include a fair amount of flashy animations and effects. Why? Because the dawn of the internet was new – business websites were a new idea. It was absolutely mind blowing that someone could somehow turn pixels into a visual effect in the way we had access to from our own homes.  Flashy animations and effects meant big money – if a company could afford a designer who could do that, then it undeniably equaled authority and trust.  However, those days are gone. Adding animations and effects looks more like a middle schooler’s PowerPoint presentation these days than it does a professional business. Why is that? Great Website Design Great website design focuses on functionality and user experience above anything else. When websites lose sight of their user experience, they end up with a website that looks more like Barney Stinson’s video resume than it does

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Shape Psychology in Business

Shape psychology is important for any business to keep in mind while creating their brand because it plays a significant role in how people view your company. The shapes you use will either work for or against your message, ideals, and quality of your products. Color psychology is well understood by many individuals starting business, but shape psychology is an often overlooked sister that goes unutilized. How Shape Psychology Affects Businesses It’s worth noting that shape psychology applies to more than just branding and marketing. It’s just as important in product design and user experience. Shapes affect the following: -Visual Communication – Shapes have the power to convey messages and emotions without the need for words, which adds to or detracts from the meaning of the actual words used. They can communicate concepts and values linked with a business or product. By understanding the psychology behind the shapes used, companies

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10 Reasons Your Bounce Rate is High

Learn 10 reasons your bounce rate is high on your website, as well as when a bounce rate is “good” and “bad” by reading on! Addressing these pain points will keep visitors on your website for longer, viewing more pages, and converting to paying customers.  But first, you have to understand this analytic and why it’s important. What is a Bounce Rate? “Bouncing” is visiting your site, but leaving after only viewing one page. Typically people consider a high bounce rate (percentage of viewers leaving after 1 page) bad, but it’s important to note that isn’t always the case. There can be a lot of good, user-friendly reasons your bounce rate is high, depending on the type of website you run. Sometimes people find what they’re looking for on the first page and have no need to look further. For instance, if they’re looking up a tracking number, stock info,

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Font Licensing: Understanding How to Use Fonts Legally

Font licensing is often overlooked when branding a company. When branding your company, you want to ensure you have the rights to use every piece of your brand, including rights to your fonts. This avoids the hassle and possible cost of legal ramifications of using a font illegally. However, loads of people don’t even know font licensing exists, let alone understand how it works. What is Font Licensing? Font licensing is how many type designers pay their bills. It ensures they receive fair compensation for their work/design. Like any designer (or business, really), when they create a product (a font), they need to be compensated when it’s used. Licensing that font means they need to be compensated before people have the rights to use it. Within that, there are different types of licenses that dictate how a font can be used when you purchase that licensing. TL;DR: For all intents

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